Register VIPPH helps you become an official member of our bookmaker and enjoy the best benefits. However, not everyone knows how to register an account at VIPPH BET. Let’s explore the registration steps in detail through our article below.

Three Simple and Quick Steps to Register for VIPPH

To experience betting services at VIPPH FUN, players in the Philippines need to register for a membership account. Below are the 3 fastest and simplest steps to register VIPPH:

Step 1: login and start Register

Visit VIPPH’s official website. After successfully accessing the homepage players can find the register button at the top corner of the website. Click the register button to open the account registration form.

Step 1: login and start Register

Step 2: Fill in the account registration information in the form

After clicking the Register button, an account registration form will appear on the screen. The responsibility of players in the Philippines is to completely and accurately fill out account registration information. The information you need to fill in includes:

Step 2: Fill in the account registration information in the form
  • Username: Please create a username with 6-13 characters, including letters and numbers. Username cannot contain special characters.
  • Password: Please create a password with 6-12 characters, including letters and numbers. Password cannot contain special characters.
  • Confirm Password: Please enter and confirm the password you just created above again.
  • Real Name: Please provide your full real name. Do not use fake names.
  • Mobile Number: Please fill in your phone number, with 10-11 numeric characters.
  • Captcha: Please fill in the correct captcha code we provide you.

Step 3: Complete registration and confirm information

After providing complete and accurate account registration information. Players just need to select Register below the form. The system will immediately notify you that you have successfully registered. Click OK on the notification to confirm.

Step 3: Complete registration and confirm information

To successfully register for VIPPH, players in the Philippines need to note the following:

Note for Successful Account Registration
  1. Make sure to visit the correct VIPPH official website to register an account.
  2. Make sure the account registration information you provide us is completely accurate. If there are any errors we will not be responsible for future losses.
  3. Double check your password to avoid entering it incorrectly and causing difficulties in the login process later.
  4. Do not share account and password information with anyone. To avoid unnecessary risks in the future.
  5. Do not create multiple accounts at the same time, each player is only allowed to register and own 1 account.
  6. Read the bookmaker’s terms and regulations carefully before confirming account registration.

It can be seen that registering for VIPPH is very simple and easy. Bettors can feel completely secure when betting at VIPPH Casino. In the Philippines, we receive a lot of attention and participation from betting players. Register for VIPPH now, many attractive offers are waiting for you!