Learn how to play and the rules of Thai Hilo for beginners

Thai Hilo is entering the betting market and is chosen by many players. If you have not tried this version, please refer to the detailed information about the VIPPH-branded game.

Overview of Thai Hilo

Overview of Thai Hilo

First, learn some basic information about the Thai Hilo version making waves in the betting world. This is the version of Sic Bo that was played in Thailand, based on the original Sic Bo version that is famous worldwide. Overall, the gameplay of this game is not much different from the original. What is important is that the number of betting options is expanded for players to experience, helping to increase the amount of winnings in their pockets.

3D version

At VIPPH, players can experience Thai-style Sic Bo in the 3D card game version. With this version, players can try their hand at a highly sharp full HD+ screen and vivid sound.

The Thai-style Sic Bo table is divided into many different betting levels, including levels for beginners, regular players, professional players, and experienced players. You can choose the most suitable betting level based on your ability.

Not to mention, players will receive the same bonus amount no matter which version they play. This helps you earn a large amount of money when experiencing this game.

Thai Sic Bo casino version

The second way to play is currently offered by the VIPPH brand, which is the Thai version of Sic Bo played at online casinos. The advantage of online casinos is that extremely professional dealers serve the games.

There are up to 20 cameras on the betting table so that the dice appear on the screen in the most close-up way without worrying about cheating during the betting process.

Not stopping there, these Thai Hilo betting tables are served for players to experience 24/7. Whenever you want, you can come to our playground and experience it right away.

The bonus you receive when compared to playing Thai Sic Bo in the style of 3D card games also receives the same amount. Therefore, you do not need to worry about getting less bonus playing this version.

Thai Hilo betting options

Thai Hilo betting options

Players experiencing this Live Casino game can enjoy more diverse betting options and larger winnings than the traditional way of playing. Details of Thai Sic Bo betting options will be sent to players soon.

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Thai Hilo Traditional Betting Ticket

The traditional betting ticket of this game allows you to bet just like when playing other betting versions. With this conventional way of playing, you bet on two over/under bets, with the amount received being 1×2.7 or 1×2.

The simple over/under bet in the first version that appeared only allowed the player to receive a bonus of 1×1.992.

The scoring of these two bets in Thai Hilo is as follows:

  • The overbet can also be called height, with points assigned from 12 to 17 for the total number of dots appearing on the three dice.
  • The under bet can also be called Lo–Low, with the number of points appearing on the three dice being 4 – 10 points.

Bet on the corresponding number of points in Thai Over/Under

Players also like to bet on expansion in the Thai Hilo game to bring back big bonuses, as follows:

  • Bet 6 Lo is a bet that the dice show 6 points, in which the bonus you receive will be 1 to 11.5
  • Bet 11 Hi predicts the total score of three dice will be 11 points. The bonus the bettor receives is 1 to 7.8.
  • Bet 5 Lo bets that the score of one dice will show 5 points, the bonus the bettor receives will be 1 to 7.
  • Bet 3 Lo means that the total score of three dice will be 3 points, and the multiplier that the bettor receives will be 1 to 4.
  • Bet 1 Lo is a bet with number 1 in Thai Sic Bo game, the bonus the player receives will be 1 to 2.7.
  • Bet on 2 specific points in the Sic Bo game. The correct bet will receive 1 to 7.
  • Players can also bet on a specific number, if that number appears exactly 1 time, the player will receive 1 to 2, if it appears exactly 2 times, it will be 1 to 3, if it appears exactly 3 times, it will be 1 to 15.
  • Lottery betting is betting on predicting the correct result of 3 dice, the bonus received can be up to 1 to 150.

What are the Hilo Thai betting rules?

What are the Hilo Thai betting rules?

Players when participating in betting at Thai Hilo is not much different from the traditional Over/Under betting rules. When entering the table, the player will bet a specific amount of money on the betting ticket they want.

After placing the bet, we will shake the dice to return the result to the player. Depending on your betting hall, the shaking time of these dice will be different. After shaking, we will announce the shaking result to the player.

Which ticket will you bet on? If that ticket wins, the betting paradise will pay the player immediately. The bonus amount is transferred to your account within a time frame of 1 second.

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Tips to Always Win at Thai Hilo

Here are some accurate betting tips that you should know to bring home big winnings when playing at VIPPH.

Bet according to the Martingale betting strategy

The Martingale betting strategy is also known as the Martingale betting strategy. This strategy originated from football and quickly became popular in casinos or 3D card games.

When applying this betting strategy, if the first bet loses, the next bet will be higher than the original bet. If you win, you do not need to increase the bet but keep the original bet.

This strategy is very suitable for players with good financial status. Players can rotate capital quickly so that even if they lose continuously, they still have enough money to bet until they win.

If you don’t have much capital, applying this tactic will put you in a crisis.

Hire a master to play.

Every game has masters who have an almost absolute chance of winning, and this game is no exception. These masters are willing to take the players’ money, helping them win.

When they win, these players will ask the players to give them a certain amount of profit. The amount quoted depends on the commission rate these masters take from the players.

In the past, hiring a master to help was not popular in the betting community. Thanks to the development of Sic Bo groups, this form has become more popular and is widely used by many players.

However, you must also consider when hiring a betting master to help you. If you do not find a satisfactory master, you may fall into a situation where your account is fraudulent.

Using hacking tools

With the popularity of this game, many hacking tools allow players to use stolen results from brands to place bets. However, since these hacking tools are new, their accuracy is not high. The reason is that many of the Thai Sic Bo playing algorithms have not been taken from the brands.

Not to mention that these tools can be detected by betting paradises using high-end security software, easily detecting player intrusion.

Players are at risk of having their accounts locked and not receiving bonuses from us. The secret for players in this case is to use hack tools with less than 10 games. In addition, your bet amount should be low, avoiding the case of betting high but winning high, making the house suspicious.

However, as long as you persevere, you will surely enjoy the sweet fruits of your colossal bonus in the Thai Hilo game.


If you want to find a new feeling in the Sic Bo game, try Thai Hilo. With many different betting options, players will have more betting opportunities and higher winning rates. Hopefully, after reading this article will help new players who intend to experience this game to conquer confidently. Good luck!

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