The term soccer betting brings class when betting

The term soccer betting is widespread today and is also widely used by reputable bookmakers. To better understand and find out what the specialized words for soccer betting are, please read the following article from VIPPH.

What is the soccer betting term that you must know?

What is the soccer betting term that you must know?

Soccer betting has short terms to express a specific event, situation, or result in soccer betting. These terms often appear in matches, betting information, odds tables, and transactions in the bookmaker’s system, etc.

There are two types of betting terminology: technical and spontaneous. Technical terminology commonly used in betting halls. The term spontaneous is mainly used in communication and exchange between bettors. Players often use soccer betting slang to save time and quickly convey betting information. This is a feature that only professional bettors know how to use proficiently.

Basic and popular soccer betting terms

Basic and popular soccer betting terms

First, you should read and learn the most basic terms in soccer betting. These basic words will favor Asian and European football, which are also the two regions where bookmakers mainly organize betting. Please pay attention to reading the terms below that we provide.

With Asian handicap, what is the betting term?

  • Asian handicap attracts many people because of the big prizes it brings. To get those prizes, players must know and understand the meaning of the following slang words:
  • Handicap or Asia Handicap means bets in the Asian region.
  • The word Odds means the conversion rate of bets, meaning how much bet money you deposit in cash will be able to exchange.
  • Over/Under in English means over/under, you can understand this word refers to Over/Under bets.
  • The upper bet is when you encounter a saying like Team A, the upper bet can be understood as Team A being considered stronger and having a higher winning rate.
  • Underdog means the opposite: the team that is rated weak and is likely to lose will be called the underdog team.
  • Win Full means you win all your bets without missing a penny.
  • Lose Full, on the contrary, means you lose completely and cannot get anything back.
  • The term cross bet refers to a type of bet that combines all odds into one betting card.
  • Running or Running bets are bets that take place even though the match is still in progress.
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Soccer betting terms in European betting

European odds are the most popular type of odds in the past few years and are not strange names in bookmakers’ odds tables. To win this bet, bettors need to know important terms. Here are some phrases that often appear:

  • The 1×2 bet is another way of European football betting, in which 1 is the winning bet for the home team. Part x is a bet on two teams drawing and number 2 is a bet on the away team winning.
  • A 1x bet means you will bet on the home team to win or draw.
  • The 2x bet will be for the away team to win or draw.
  • The term Ft.1×2 means you bet on European odds for the entire match time.
  • And 1H.1×2 is a European bet for only the first half of a football match.

Other soccer betting terms to keep in mind

Other soccer betting terms to keep in mind

In addition to the basic terms we just mentioned above, there are other terms in the world of soccer betting. Please join us to find out what those other terms are below.

What are the football betting terms for over/under odds?

Over/under bets are the most popular type of bet recently. This is a simple type of bet, with less specific terminology than other bets. You can read and refer to some slang words below:

  • Over/Under or O/U: These are other names for Over/Under bets. When participating in over/under betting, you will have to bet on the total number of goals scored by the two teams in the match.
  • Under/Under/U: The bookmaker gives the number predicting the total goals. If the player thinks the result is less than expected, choose the under-bet.
  • Over/Under/O: The bettor will judge the total number of goals. If it is higher than the odds offered by the house, they will choose Over.

Some slang words in professional football betting

In professional football, top betting also has some unique slang words. Some words we can give you are:

  • The slang word twisted is a word that refers to the psychological state of fear of bettors when the team they bet on is losing.
  • Tach poo means a match without any goals at all.
  • Betting is betting all-in on one bet and losing all your money as a result.
  • PRC slang term is the act of receiving a red card directly from the referee because of bad actions.


Our article above has brought you many different and very interesting soccer betting terms. You need to remember these terms to be able to play soccer betting more professionally, and I hope you win.

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